June 30, 2017

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

DLMonte provides companies with video production, optimization, and promotion. Online Video marketing allows connects to convey their message in one deliverable on multiple levels: imagery, emotional, controversy text while reaching a large audience with the least expense and shortest amount of time.

The video is a powerful way to demonstrate or present the content. Videos often show up in the search results, allowing you to gain more website visitors by dominating your market’s natural search results.

Why do you need a video for your business?

1. Present your business or idea

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a video worth then? Certainly a lot. An explainer video can explain your products or services in just 60 seconds!

2. Increase conversions and ROI

Video Explainers are proven effective in increasing online conversion rates. Your potential clients won’t spend much time going through lengthy product descriptions and about us pages, you have just a few seconds to grab visitor’s attention.

3. Video advertising and viral marketing

According to The Huffington Post, $6 billion was spent on video ads in 2015. Websites with video content are automatically ranked higher on Google. The video is the next big thing in the online industry.


Our video marketing team helps optimize a video based on your targeted keyword phrase for the strongest results.

We can assist in creating a script, graphics, images, and other media based on the digital content you provide. We can optimize your already produced video so it has what it takes to reach the top of reputable search engines.

We optimized our existing produced video so it has what it takes to reach the top of reputable search engines.


We can also provide royalty free background music and professional voice-over talent. We then distribute the video to various popular video sites such as YouTube and Metacafe and Facebook.


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The Benefits of Video Marketing


The combination of visuals and sound evoke emotion much more effectively than text alone. Viewers connect to video in a way that is unparalleled by other forms of content, which is why it’s the perfect tool to get an audience to take action.

If you want to pull your viewers in, connect with them emotionally, and then get them to take the next step, the video is the way to do it.



If there’s one type of content that complements the majority of learning styles, it’s video. So if you have a complicated product or service, video can help your audience follow along and understand your message.



Google loves fresh and engaging content. Video marketing is an ideal way of getting your message across to searchers on the internet.



Without a doubt, getting your audience’s attention is one of the most difficult parts of marketing your products and services. People are willing to give their attention to a video, but it’s up to you to use this superpower effectively!


How Our Video Marketing Services Work

After recognizing your business’s marketing needs, we will make recommendations of how you can expand and improve your video marketing strategy campaign, including ways you can use video search to advertise your business online if appropriate.

Already have a great video? We can help optimize it and distribute it for maximum optimum results with our premium video marketing packages.



Video marketing services aren’t for everyone and there may be easy, more effective ways to reach your audience. Our customer’s satisfaction manifests why it is important to hire a knowledgeable, skilled video marketing agency.


All businesses have different needs in order to achieve the fundamentals of improved performance and higher search engine rankings.  Start developing an online video marketing plan now and make sure you don’t let any more potential clients get away from you!


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