July 4, 2017

Mobile SEO Services

Mobile SEO Services


When people searching for a product, reading an article or making a purchase, your potential customers are using mobile devices for more online activities than ever before.  Did you know?

Almost half of Google’s traffic comes from mobile devices?

Mobile search makes up about 39% of total traffic across industries?

At the same time, 69% of the top 10,000 websites are not mobile-friendly, are your web pages mobile? Google’s mobile algorithm update actually lowers rankings in mobile search results for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. So if you’ve experienced a drop-off in mobile traffic, this could be the reason.

By making mobile SEO a top preference for your website, you’ll not only see your mobile search rankings increase, but your chances of winning your audience’s attention will multiply.


Staying Ahead with Mobile SEO Services

Google and Bing roll out periodic updates that can impact you as you compete for mobile customers. We’ve stayed ahead of those updates for years, not because we have secret agents at the major search engines, but because we apply common sense to the marketplace. We don’t get seduced by market hype and the latest black hat tactics. We make reasonable, accurate assessments of where mobile search is going.


Getting local content right

Content is an important part of any SEO effort, so make sure you’re not tripping yourself up with thin or duplicate content. Here’s a list of common content mistakes followed by a checklist of ways to increase the local SEO impact of your content.


Authoritative link from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a critical step in the process of powerful SEO practices. Having backlinks from a high authoritative website like Wikipedia provides an unbiased information to millions of visitors a day and improve ranking position in search engine.


Mobile SEO Services

Mobile SEO Services

Content mistakes to avoid

Don’t scrape content from other websites, even from the websites of manufacturers or authorities, unless you are publishing an attributed quote within your own, unique content.


If you offer the same services or products in multiple cities, think carefully about attempting to create a unique page for every possible city/keyword combination. Only embark on this plan if you know you have sufficient resources of time, money, and talent to create truly high-quality pages for each combination. Avoid publishing thin or useless pages. If you know you don’t have the resources, it’s better to go with just a strong page for each city and a strong page for each service, rather than creating lots of thin or duplicate city/keyword combo pages.


Think long and hard before deciding to take a multi-website approach, even if your company offers multiple services or has multiple offices. Numerous experts agree that it is almost always better to build a single, powerhouse website that promotes your brand and all of its services and branches rather than dividing up time, funding and talent between multiple websites.


Consistency is key for Local Mobile SEO. Ensure you have a full NAP on every web page. Furthermore, use exact same details when mentioning on others website.


Mobile Website SEO

Mobile Website SEO


Mobile SEO Services – How We Can Help?

Our mobile SEO services can help you increase mobile rankings, traffic, sales and conversion by:

  • Improving website configurations to ensure usability on mobile devices
  • Assisting with redesigns to boost mobile-friendliness
  • Promoting targeting strategies
  • Advertising on Social Media Network
  • Helping you implement best practices for faster website loading speed


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