Latest SEO Techniques 2017

Latest SEO Techniques – SEO has an amount of development component that is invariably changing. Google and the other others seanrch engines have one aim in mind, their goal is to give the end user the most desirable results as possible. So how can you make sure that your web page content is seen as most valuable? Watch the video above by my friend Ryan…


Focus on diversity of keywords

Ranking on a variety of keywords can be the dealbreaker for the top of search placement. Knowing the real information can position catchphrases from the earliest starting point while evacuating a great part of the mystery.

A tool such as Rank Tracker and with feature like “Suggest-Keywords” to can cut down your precious time using the keyword suggestion platforms.


Don’t ignore social media

If your active social media pages like FB, Pinterest, Twitter etc… Manage and build a social media presence can improve ranking on Google.


SEO will become more competitive

Google wants local businesses to be successful. Giving them a “free business listing” page on the Google platform, which increased the odds of a local business showing up in the Google.

Not only is competition for the local 3 pack is aggressive but with more small businesses eventually understanding that they need an online marketing strategy that really works to be evident online.

In 2017, small businesses must keep a close watch on what’s shifting in the Google local algorithm as well as do all they can to give their local listing SEO a lift. That means sites with the markup language, sitemaps, video sitemaps, friendly mobile site, rich local content are easier to rank better…


Reputation marketing

Reviews help shoppers make buying decisions, online reviews can also affect your rankings on Google. There are several alternatives for reputation software on the market that you can practice.

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