How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast in 2018

How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast
How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

A perfect guide to YouTube SEO in 2018. This video will show you specifically how to rank your videos on YouTube fast. Here’s what you’ll learn in this action-packed guide:

First, I’ll show you the right and wrong way to optimize your video titles. I call this “Title-Loading” and it’s something I do almost every time I upload a video.

Then, the next tip, you’ll see how to increase the number of “Video Engagement Signals” your video gets. This is a key video SEO ranking signal. I’ll then show you how to use video tags. Specifically, you’ll see how The TAB Formula helps you optimize your videos correctly.

how to rank youtube videos

Next up, we have CTR (Click Through Rate) Magnet Thumbnails. Does your click-through-rate impact rankings? Yup! And optimized thumbnails, Click Through Rate Magnet Thumbnails, are one of the fastest ways to get more clicks on your videos. Then, I’ll dive into video descriptions. Most people ignore the video’s description, but I’ve found it makes a small but significant dent in your video marketing rankings.

Another YouTube SEO tip is to increase the length of your videos. It’s a fact that longer videos rank better on YouTube. How long should your videos be, exactly? We found out that 8 mins to 15 mins video are the sweet spots.

We have a cool little hack to get more people to click on your video. The secret? Optimizing your video title for SEO and click-through-rate.

Next, we have “Rank in Suggested Video”. The suggested video is a big part of getting more views on YouTube.

Lastly, we have “Turning Donkeys Into Unicorns”. This is one of my favorite ways of boosting audience retention – a key SEO ranking signal. Watch the video from my friend Brian Dean to find out…

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