October 10, 2015

How to get listed on Google Local Pack?

Google Local Pack

Google Local Pack

How to get on Google Local Pack?

While Google Local Pack Listing has plenty of distinction that is very specific to local, there are also a lot of aspects of optimization that play a role in getting to the top 3 pack. And it is going to be even more important for local businesses to work on regular optimization too.

Focus more on good optimization both onsite and offsite. That will help boost your rank plus even if you can’t make the top Google Local Pack, it will help your organic ranking. Many specialists I work with says top organic beats top local ranking anyway.

While you may see some businesses dominating the first-page using spam tactics which only leads temporally success. But do make sure your optimization is the white hat which wins competitors ranking for the specific keyword in a long run.

Focus on links

While links have been a significant part of Google 3 pack, some businesses didn’t have to try too hard to get them rank, simply because their market is less competitive.

Don’t forget that even no-followed links serve an intent, so don’t skip a link opportunity simply because it is a no-follow link. They can still send referral traffic, they can serve to establish a branding process.

Focus on citations

Some market areas were just not competitive enough that citations and directories made a compelling difference, while for others it was crucial. Be sure all your citations and directories are accurate and uniform.

Citations are especially important for those local businesses that do not have their own website.When Google can’t pull data from a local company, they tend to pull information from other third party sources, which not always be accurate.

Marketing effectively

Google Local Pack is more than just link building, reviews, and directories. But many businesses were able to get by with little backlinks if they are not in competitive niches such as real estate or restaurants.

I just spoke to a lawyer who is spending six figures on the press release and they rank top in their market for some high volume legal terms. So my advice is to get used to the idea of investing in marketing, not just building backlinks.

Competitive analysis

If you are in the Google Local Pack, you are going to aware of every move your competitor makes. Monitoring back links will be crucial.

Set up alerts for each of your competitor’s business names so that you get notification if they have a news story written up, you are aware of it. The same with any press releases, reviews, or anything specific to your particular industry that could be seen as a new promotion opportunity.

But if you sit back and do nothing to improve your local ranking, someone will be able to knock you out of that top 3 pack.

Google My Business listing is an evolving process and we have seen two major shifts in how Google handles local searches over the past year. Local businesses have to learn how to adapt to the changes that google play or risk being left behind.

Are you encounter difficulty ranking on Google Local Pack?

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