How to Create Lead Generation Funnel

Create a Lead Generation Marketing Funnel

Create a Lead Generation Marketing Funnel

Being able to use technology to generate leads is something I have spent over 6 years working on and cultivate. I have helped dozens of companies to use technology for leads and convert into clients, with one in particular who used a social media campaign to generate 1,800 leads in 7 days.

Setting up the funnel
Creating a marketing funnel not only attracts hundreds of leads to grow your business but also qualifies the leads and converts into clients.

Here are some methods to build marketing funnel quickly.

Update your existing website
This does not have to be time consuming or extravagant! Check to make sure your offerings are up to date. Slight tweaks or additional information to existing pages may be all that’s needed.

Have a Opt-in box to capture contact information
You need an opt-in box and a way you can email prospects directly on your website and to keep in contact with prospects.

Create an giveaway, which you offer for free
It’s important that prospects know what your business is about and what you have to offer, so you can weed out those who aren’t a interested in what you are offering.

Share content with the target audience
Did you know that on average, a customer will visit a webpage 7 times before making a purchase? You need to make sure that you are sharing the information to the targeted and engaging the right audience online. If you run a fitness business you must target customers who love to look fit and healthy. Share about finding the perfect weight loss programs or fitness tips etc…

Automate the conversation.
Offer an irresistible incentives or free gift. Perhaps a free trail consultation. to exchange for the phone number and address.

Start advertising and get people to your webpage.
Run  advertisement  3 -4 times a week. Don’t need to be costly if you’ve followed the steps above.

Most companies don’t have the time or don’t know how to buite an effective business funnel, they are missing opportunity to drive traffic and engage with potential clients. If you need help, click below :


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