Proven Winning Growth Hack Techniques

Growth Hack Techniques

Growth Hack Techniques


Growth Hack Techniques – If you are a business owner, you should have heard about customer acquisition and great impact of growth hacking strategies on marketing. Unfortunately, numerous entrepreneurs have misperceptions about the idea of growth hack techniques or what development hacking truly is.


Growth Hack Techniques is all about converting businesses using different marketing experiments. A growth hacker will combine unconventional marketing tactics that can result in getting more clients, growing revenue and being in the better competitive environment.


The secret behind compelling growth hacking is to follow a proven structure and execute the right strategy at the right time. I have drafted a set of super easy to achieve growth hack techniques that you can include in your marketing approach.


1. Growth Hack Techniques – Attract Potential Clients

Here are the Winning Growth Hack Techniques that proven to work great and bring you more sales and customers.


Content Creation and Blogging
It’s crucial to know your audience are. You don’t want to spend hours writing an article only to find out that no one is interested in the topic. It helps you discover audience responses, thoughts, pains, and views. What really worries them? What influences them? What does he talk about among buddies? Once you defined your audience, compose your content from their view and highlight the points that you want them to take away when reading your blog. Remember, your blog should either offer a unique solution to one of their issues or help them to see the benefits of what they can gain over time.


Guest Posting
You can enjoy the advantages of guest blogging, which vary from getting additional visitors from each article you guest post to improving brand awareness. Your main objective should be adding value by crafting epic content. It requires hours of research, writing &  proofreading.


Use Visuals and Infographics
Infographics that are designed for visualization techniques that are more appealing than articles. If the picture is worth a thousand words, why don’t you leverage visuals to earn more clients? Here is the step approach to creating a viral infographic.


  1. Choose a topic that matters to your readers
    Don’t assume that your idea is great. Instead, use market research techniques and get help from the right tools to monitor the trends and choose a catchy topic.
  2. Build your narrative based on facts and data
    Find as much data as you can. Don’t overcomplicate your story, and choose most 9 to 12 key points. Build a narrative, and create an infographic around those points.
  3. Share the infographic
    Once you’re done with your design, it’s time to share it using social media, infographic sites & email. Don’t just publish it on your site.
  4. Leverage on Forum Marketing Techniques
    One of the most undermined marketing strategies that result in attracting proposed customers is forum marketing. Luckily, there are plenty of forums available for different niches. Simply join and start establishing your reputation. People who come to forums are looking for a solutions, not self-promoters.


In the beginning, spend time in forums and try to answer as many questions as possible. Once you build a reliable reputation, you can include your solution and value proposition in your comments, answers and other forum activities.


Winning Growth Hack Techniques

Winning Growth Hack Techniques


2. Convert visitors into Clients

You need to realize that visitors are not ready to buy for the first time they land on your website or eCommerce site. Therefore, it’s vital to focus on engagement. Among all growth hacking approaches, email marketing approach can work magic. Email is still one of the most compelling ways to reach out to your audiences because people rarely change their email address. This is an excellent chance to warm up your potential audience and convert them to buyers.


First, build an email list. Using tools such as exit-intent pop-ups and subscription bars can increase the number of subscribers. Don’t try to sell or promote your product in those boxes and popups. Instead, offer them exclusive tips, discount codes and something that appeals to your visitors and triggers them to exchange their email address.


While you’re building your list, craft a consistent email engagement plan and stick to it. The secret is not to bother your subscribers with too many emails while making sure that they receive enough emails to remember you.


3. Persuasive Testimonials

Good testimonials are one of the most effective types of social proof. We know businesses are biased and that they’ll always put themselves in the best light. So your marketing message is always much more convincing if someone else says it. You can overcome that suspicion by getting quotes from past customers.


4. Acquire Customers and Experiment

A/B testing is one of the most astonishing growth hacking techniques at this stage. It is about conducting a set of experiments to optimize the conversion of your landing pages based on user’s responses. It’s also known as A/B split testing.


Certainly, you cannot satisfy every visitor, but you can achieve better results by offering something that appeals to the majority of buyers. Follow these four steps of A/B testing if you are not sure which landing page can convert your visitor to buyers.


  1. Collect data 
    Identify your low conversion pages or those landing pages that have the highest drop off ratio. You can even go deeper and use analytical tools such as Hotjar and Crazy egg heat map to find out what segment of your page your visitors showed interest in and clicked the most.
  2. Define goals and hypothesis
    Although your goal can vary from increasing opt-in ratio, clicking on a specific button or boosting revenue, you must define conversion goals and metrics to determine whether your split test is successful or fail.
  3. Create the variations and run the experiment
    Create both A and B versions based on your hypothesis. The difference between versions can vary from having a landing page with different color or moving the position of a button. Once you run the experiment, your site should randomly show different pages to different visitors.
  4. Adopt based on results
    Analyze the result of the test as soon as you have completed your experiment. In case you found significant statistical differences between the conversion rate of your pages, you can make a decision to use the one that performs better.


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