Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems

Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems

Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems

Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems? Not getting adequate leads? Are sales slow? Only a few people registering to your newsletter? Traffic isn’t high enough, we need customers. Quick, invest more money on advertisements and the best Search Engine Optimization service and you can get MORE customer and generate MORE sales, right?


The Answer is Wrong

The answer is not getting the quantity of traffic to your website rather a number of conversions coming from this traffic. A conversion rate is, quite simply, your sales conversions divided by the amount of web site visitors. So, yes you need a level of traffic you can transform on your site. BUT …


Not all traffic is Good Traffic

You’ve spent all the time, money and effort on driving traffic to your perfectly-designed landing pages. And yet only one person converts into a customer. One out of thousands. Why is this so? Because the traffic you had driven was not a good traffic source. You are not targeting the correct audience.

So, what is the right way to become a magnet to your target market?


Step 1:
Do your research. Talk to prospective clients. Find out where they hang out, what they read, and exactly what they want.


Step 2:
If they have actually never ever heard of Twitter, no point spending time there either. Eventually, they’ll want to know what you have to offer.


Step 3:
Make sure your web page loading speed is faster i.e about 3 – 4 seconds.


Step 4:
Make it easy to find stuff. If anything is more than one click away, you’ve lost more than half of your web traffic.


Step 4:
Do some usability testing to eliminate annoying experiences for your clients.


Step 5:
The trust factor.
Show off your pleased consumers and exactly what they need to say about your service. For example, an eCommerce website has to have an SSL Certification or trust badges that tell people you’re legit and the info is safe and secure.


Step 6:
Capture leads. Ensure you have done everything possible on your site to capture leads.
And the leads will certainly convert in clients.


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