Critical Trends Every Dentist Needs To Know


Critical Trends Every Dentist Needs To Know In 2016

Critical Trends Every Dentist Needs To Know In 2016


The dental industry is constantly evolving as new technology and marketing trends come to the forefront. Dental industry is growing increasingly competitive, with many dental practices feeling the need to reduce prices just to stay alive. To ensure your dental practice’s ongoing success and growth, it’s compelling to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in internet marketing strategies.


As you can see from the graphic above, Internet use is strong for local consumers. We see that more consumers are researching out for local dental clinics and services before they make a decision.


We all know that your dental practice needs to show up online in order to attract quality new patients. But do you know that local dental practice needs to be found on Google’s first page search results is actually the best way.


As the dental industry evolves, this is an excellent time to get ahead of the competition and win new patients through video cutting-edge marketing strategies.


Marketing your Dental Practice is Crucial


Right now we know that the majority of new patients (roughly 77%) are using search engines (mostly Google) to find dentists in their local area. These are people who are already in need of a dentist and ready to invest in the dental treatment and services they are seeking.


That’s why your dental practice absolutely must rank on Google in order to win new patient and outbreak the increasing competition.


Of course, there’s no wizardry button to press that will allow you to appear on the first page of local Google search results.


How To Attract New Patients In 2016 and Beyond

One of the most effective and finest ways is to create video and rank on Google’s first page search results. You’re more likely to succeed in ranking for a keyword if the term is relevant to your dental practice. For example, orthodontist dentist might target “good orthodontist dentist” or “affordable braces near me”. To get more targeted results, you might want to try “orthodontist dentist in (your local area)”.


To create and rank a video on the top page of Google search. You’ll need to hire a Video SEO specialist. The SEO expert must be well versed in optimization and informed about the latest algorithms and regulations set by search engines. The SEO expert requires being aware of this field and must also know all the key phrases and keywords that customers use to find a good clinic online.


More people today are using mobile devices than they are computers and laptops. Therefore, you must also rank your video on mobiles devices and tablets too. In fact, according to Mobile Marketing Association, there are 1.065 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, and mobile outranks all other computers and laptops by ratio 3:1. What does this mean to you? It means that much of your video visitors are using their iPhones, Galaxies, and iPads. That is why you must rank videos on mobile devices too.


What’s Next?

If your dental practice is ready for cutting-edge video marketing strategies service, contact us today and we will help you to win new patients fast.


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