Passionate Entrepreneurs Made Millions

From Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to Chad Hurley of YouTube, from Blake Ross of Mozilla to Neil Patel of KissMetrics — all successful entrepreneurs have proven beyond doubt that money is the result of hard work, smart work, passion, patience and perseverance. Here we bring you an infographic of 18 tech entrepreneurs, who have made, or Read more about Passionate Entrepreneurs Made Millions[…]

How to get Positive ‘Yelp’ Effect

With the prevalence of smartphones and review websites, business are putting their faith in online reviews more than ever when it comes to marketing online. A few negative reviews and a low-star rating could deter customers from leaving, while positive reviews will likely to boost business by engaging reputation management service. A negative online review, Read more about How to get Positive ‘Yelp’ Effect[…]

How to Create a Lead Generation Marketing Funnel

How to Create Lead Generation Funnel

Being able to use technology to generate leads is something I have spent over 6 years working on and cultivate. I have helped dozens of companies to use technology for leads and convert into clients, with one in particular who used a social media campaign to generate 1,800 leads in 7 days. Setting up the Read more about How to Create Lead Generation Funnel[…]

Do you have a Traffic Conversion Problem

Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems

Not getting adequate leads? Sales are slow? Only a few people registering to your newsletter? Traffic isn’t high enough, we need more clients. Quick, invest more money on advertisements and the best Search Engine Optimization service and you can get MORE customer and generate MORE sales, right? The Answer is Wrong The answer is not Read more about Do you have Traffic Conversion Problems[…]