Facebook Video vs YouTube Video, Which is Right for You?

Facebook Video vs Youtube Video Which is Better? In this Q&A video, we discuss Facebook video vs Youtube video question. It’s no secret that Facebook and YouTube are the competing forces to become the video content king. The problem is that these are not fair comparisons. The way you discover and find videos on both Read more about Facebook Video vs YouTube Video, Which is Right for You?[…]

Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes

  Today we’re gonna talk about the biggest and absurd Facebook Advertising Mistakes. So, let’s get started now. Facebook has built one of the most powerful advertising platforms the world is ever seen. Use Facebook the right way in it could be one of the best ways to get more clients and grow your business but Read more about Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes[…]

How to Increase Engagement on Facebook

The truth is people don’t want to hear about your business or products always. Why would they? When they’ve been bombarded daily with advertisements from all platforms like Television, radio broadcasts, billboards, and even while you’re surfing the web. The fact is, people don’t come to Facebook to see ads. How to Increase Engagement on Read more about How to Increase Engagement on Facebook[…]

Passionate Entrepreneurs Made Millions

From Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to Chad Hurley of YouTube, from Blake Ross of Mozilla to Neil Patel of KissMetrics — all successful entrepreneurs have proven beyond doubt that money is the result of hard work, smart work, passion, patience and perseverance. Here we bring you an infographic of 18 tech entrepreneurs, who have made, or Read more about Passionate Entrepreneurs Made Millions[…]

You must give before you Receive

Surefire Methods to Win New Clients

  Today I am going to share with you a golden secret to get new customers.   The secret is  “You must give before you Receive”   What this means is that you must first give potential clients a free trial of your product or service before you can expect a client to buy your product Read more about Surefire Methods to Win New Clients[…]

How to get Positive ‘Yelp’ Effect

With the prevalence of smartphones and review websites, business are putting their faith in online reviews more than ever when it comes to marketing online. A few negative reviews and a low-star rating could deter customers from leaving, while positive reviews will likely to boost business by engaging reputation management service. A negative online review, Read more about How to get Positive ‘Yelp’ Effect[…]

Press Release Small Business Marketing Tool

Important Small Business Marketing Tool

A lot of small businesses are missing out on the blast of the Internet exposure. A huge number of small business owners do not understand how important online marketing is to the growth of their business. The cyberspace with over 3.3 billion users has become the biggest shopping paradise in the world. However, small businesses that Read more about Important Small Business Marketing Tool[…]

18 Biggest Reason Companies fail to get Clients online

18 Reasons companies fail to get Clients

  18 Biggest Mistakes Companies fail to get Clients Online We see people make mistakes all of the time, what do you see as the most common and possibly the easiest mistake to avoid? In my view it can be a number of reasons, but why companies fail to get clients, here are a few Read more about 18 Reasons companies fail to get Clients[…]

online marketing-strategy

Secrets of Web Marketing Mistakes Exposed

  While it is imperative to learn and practice the best online marketing strategy, we often fail to recognize the mistakes we made in this regard.   Email Marketing Mistakes Rumors in the industry are saying that email marketing is doomed, without knowing that they are the cause for it. If you’re going to feed your Read more about Secrets of Web Marketing Mistakes Exposed[…]