7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes with Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Mistakes

I get a lot of emails from people who excitedly tell me that they made their first sale from Shopify + Facebook ads… and then I get emails from people who tell me that they’ve tried this combination, and it hasn’t worked for them.

The difference between these two groups of people? One group makes the mistakes I’m about to tell you about and the other doesn’t!
Learn what these common mistakes are avoidable and start your Facebook campaigns the correct way.

7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes with Paid Facebook Ads:

Mistake 1: You’re using the wrong ad format

Either you’re new to Facebook ads and don’t know how to choose the right ad format for your specific campaign, or you’ve had your ads running for a while and haven’t stopped to analyze whether or not you’re still using the right formats.

Study the platform’s ad carefully, choose the one you think will best suit your audience and goals, and iterate as needed, based on your campaign performance.

Mistake 2: Not testing enough products

Test at least 10- 20 products to find 1 or 2 winner that makes him $150-50 per day. Reinvest the earnings you make along the way to make it profitable.

Mistake 3: Your targeting is too broad

If you’re seeing low engagement with your campaigns. Try adding further targeting criteria one at a time to increase your accuracy.

Mistake 4: You use too much text in your image

The key point is that text-heavy images stand to suffer diminished distribution, compared to those with no or low text.

Mistake 5: Your images aren’t eye-catching

You need to consider not just the size of your image, but its ability to attract eyeballs.

Mistake 6: They don’t create authority on their websites

Think about this: Would you buy from a website that didn’t have an About Us page, a Contact Us page? No reviews on the products page? Not likely. You need to have authority on your product page. Having social proof by building up a Facebook Fan page in your niche with 3,000 or more likes is another great way.

Mistake 7: They don’t stay on top of trends

For example, right now Facebook videos are an extremely hot trend. It’s cheaper than normal advertising. Your video can be as simple as an image slideshow where you pan across images that the manufacturer has supplied for free. If you want cheap advertising, try Facebook videos.
Test, building trust and keep on top of the latest trends is the secrets for success.

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