32 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Business?

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Business – In the world of web development, WordPress is known as the most preferred platform for many designers, developers, and SEO professionals. With its core installation, its community of open-source plugin and theme developers, and the ease of use for non-programmers. WordPress will continue to be the dominant CMS in the SEO community, here are the top 32 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Business:


1. Powerful right out of the box

Unlike other CMS (content management systems), WordPress is ready to use immediately after installation. This means that you don’t have to install and configure a long list of add-ons just to get many of the WordPress features like comments, RSS feeds, revisions etc.


2. Improve SEO With WordPress Widgets

This adds value, is user-friendly, and enhances the browsing experience. You can use widgets to

  • Add a media plugin so that users may upload images and videos.
  • Feature new forum members and their posts or photos.
  • Make new content inside forums and groups easier to discover.


3. WordPress still the Best for SEO

If you ask me which platform is best for SEO in 2017 and beyond, I always, without hesitation, tell them it’s WordPress.


4. Very Flexible

The flexibility of WordPress is another feature that can’t be topped. No matter what you’re using WordPress for – whether as a personal blog or to a popular online store, WordPress is versatile enough to meet any and all of your needs through its unique features and extensions.


5. Good for Search Engine Ranking

The most popular search engines actually prefer sites that are powered by WordPress. The internal link structure and interactive features made it easy for search engine to crawl and index. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts personal blog is on WordPress.


6. WordPress is Safe and Secure

WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously. While you can practice some basic security measures, such as not downloading a theme or plugin from an untrusted site, WordPress constantly updates its software to prevent attacks from hackers. In fact, WordPress has an automatic update feature ever since the release of version 3.6.


7. WordPress has the BEST Plugins to Succeed

WordPress offers a wide variety of plugin for further enhance mobile browsing experience for your visitors and captures more value from your hard earned traffic.



8. Easy Customization

Because of the thousands of plugins and themes that WordPress has, with just one click of a button you can customize your site to appear and function as you would like. Furthermore, because of the seemingly endless number of features that WordPress has to offer, you can create the website or blog that you’ve always wanted.


9. Easy to use

Another great perk of using WordPress is how easy it is to use. The platform is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn. In fact, you can learn how to use WordPress in a matter of minutes. No wonder WordPress is known for its famous 5-Mins Install.


10. Lots of Support

WordPress also comes with unprecedented support. This is in part to the extensive WordPress community where you can troubleshoot any question or concern through the WordPress Forums.


11. Hosts Multimedia

The addition of images, video or audio files is a great way to enhance the experience of your users. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for you to insert multimedia files into a page or post. Not only is it easy for you to upload multimedia files, you can also edit files, like images, while in the Media Library Screen.



12. Mobile Friendly

It’s more important than ever for a website to be mobile friendly to accommodate smartphones and tablets. With WordPress, however, you don’t have to be concerned over that. It’s already mobile friendly, thanks to many of the themes being responsive.

It really matters how your site looks on a smartphone and tablet. Just look at the Statistics graph of mobile traffic growth over the years.


13. Powerful Integration

WordPress integrates with some of the most powerful platforms available to give your business that additional boost. Need to launch an email campaign? You can use a service like Aweber or MailChimp.


14. Easy to Manage

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is equipped with a built-in updater for security purposes. However, WordPress also notifies you whenever there are updates for your themes and plugins. This makes managing your WordPress site a breeze since you’ll always be current on the latest updates. That will keep your site safe and fresh.


15. More than just a Blog

While WordPress earned its reputation as a great blogging platform that can be inserted into an existing website, WordPress itself can be used as a website. Because WordPress contains a post and page structure, you can have daily blog posts, as well as static pages – such as your Contact or About pages.


16. Community Support

Whether it’s by sharing your blog posts on social media networks or by communicating with visitors in the comments section, WordPress has the features and plugins to make the establishment of a community convenient and easy. New plugins and theme are released daily.


17. Saves Money

Remember, that’s not the only area where you’ll save money. Because WordPress is open source and user-friendly, you won’t have to hire web designers or programmers to launch or maintain your WordPress site.


18. Diverse eCommerce

Since you’re using WordPress for your business, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of eCommerce solutions that will convert your site into an all-out digital store. By using plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp you can easily begin to make money online.


19. Easily Switch Hosting

If you need to switch a hosting provider, either because they can’t handle traffic or you’re just frustrated with them, you can do it without experiencing much downtown. This is because WordPress works with pretty much every server. If you need to make the switch, I recommend that you review the following article from WPBeginner.


20. Keeps your site looking Fresh

Whether you need to update your theme because you’ve had it for too long or you’re looking to take advantage of something like the holiday season, there are thousands of free themes to choose from. By doing this you’re keeping the appearance of your WordPress site fresh for your customers.


21. Easy Membership

If you want to continue to grow a loyal fan base, and maybe even make some additional income, then you can convert WordPress into a full-fledged membership site. When you create an exclusive membership site you’re providing members exclusive content they will find useful.


22. Time efficiency

Running an online business is an extremely time-consuming task. However, WordPress can free up some additional time by giving you the ability to schedule posts in advance. This means that whenever you complete a post, you can schedule it during whatever time best suits you and your customers. For example, if you have discovered that the most traffic comes to your site between 12 pm to 2 pm on weekdays, then you could schedule posts around that time.


23. Multi-user Capability

There’s a very good possibility that you’ll have to rely on multiple people to keep your site up and running. WordPress is aware of this and has made it easy for you to assign different roles for different individuals. Here is a summary of these roles from WordPress Codex:

  • Super Admin – somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features.
  • Administrator – Somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – Somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – Somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
  • Subscriber – Somebody who can only manage their profile.


24. Add Testimonials

Assure potential customers that your products or services are worth the investment by including testimonials on your site. You can add this effective technique by installing a plugin like Easy Testimonials or the Testimonials Widget.


25. Publish content with One-Click

Have you just written an article or blog post that you need to publish immediately? No problem. After creating your amazing content, you can publish it with just the click of one button. Furthermore, there are even a number of mobile apps that allow you to publish your WordPress content no matter where you are.


26. Universal Platform

WordPress features a universal platform. The WordPress dashboard always looks the same – no matter what you’re using WordPress for. You don’t need to hire experts or spend an excessive amount of time trying to figure out how to use WordPress. In fact, anyone with some sort of general PHP and MySQL experience can use WordPress immediately.


27. Structure Permalinks

You can easily optimize the URL structure by customizing the actual words once you starting editing a blog post or page.


28. Easy Optimized Content

You can add content and optimized the content which will easily crawlable by search engine spiders. All those basic SEO elements are built right into default WordPress installation.


29. Site Speed

Google has been making it very clear that your website’s load times is an important factor for your on-page SEO optimization.


30. Ease of synchronization with popular resources

Popular online software, like MailChimp, Sendlane and more… is easily synchronized with WordPress. All you need is a plugin. In just a few minutes, all of your site subscribers can be transferred to your MailChimp or Sendlane mailing list. Because WordPress is such a huge deal, all of the respectable socially active companies have their own integration plugin or script that you can use on your site.


31. WordPress as a Social Network

The default WordPress engine is already a kind of a social networking platform. Users can register, login, share etc. You as admin will be able to manage users’ roles and capabilities the way you need. Those default functions can be enhanced by plugins. You can easily create a live chat, integrate your site…


32. WordPress Can Grow Your Business

Why is WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Business? This is because WordPress hires top-notch developers, you can be certain that WordPress is only going to get better as time goes on. Also, WordPress is open source, any developer can enhance the user experience so that it can become the best CMS available.

Why use WordPress for a website? Ever since I switch my personal and business sites to WordPress a couple years ago I have found out how powerful it can be and it has grown my business ever since. You can do literally everything with WordPress. I highly recommend that you switch today!



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