18 Reasons Companies Fail to get Clients

18 Biggest Reason Companies fail to get Clients online

18 Biggest Mistakes Companies fail to get Clients Online

We see people make mistakes all of the time, what do you see as the most common and possibly the easiest mistake to avoid?
In my view it can be a number of reasons, but why companies fail to get clients, here are a few in no particular order:

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1. Investing in the wrong channels at the wrong stage.

2. Creating content without a strategy behind it.

3. No Budget.

3. Slow or clunky websites that don’t convert no matter how well you lead people to them.

4. Product/service is not unique enough in a crowded market.

5. Setting goals too high and not working on the smaller outcomes that lead to scaling up.

6. Not properly attributing conversions, or not tracking them at all…

7. Trying to do marketing on the cheap, such as outsourcing SEO to low cost companies in other countries.

8. The knowledge gap between traditional and online marketing.

9. Lack of an identified brand. Some clients have come to us to develop their brand, but they don’t offer anything that is unique in their industry.

Why Companies fail to get Clients online

Why Companies fail to get Clients online

10. It has to be focus and 100% effort.

11. It’s not something that will give results overnight.

12. Forcing traffic with no clear end goal.

13. Trying to take shortcuts.

14. Creating content that isn’t compelling.

15. Creating content but not properly promoting it.

16. Trying too many tactics/techniques at once.

17. You’re waiting for the opportunity rather than seizing it.

18. Not doing enough target marketing and expanding from within.

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