Surefire Methods to Win New Clients

Surefire Methods to Win New Clients

Surefire Methods to Win New Clients

Today I am going to share with you a golden secret to get new clients.

The secret is  “You must give before you Receive”

What this means is that you must first give potential clients a free trial of your product or service before you can expect a client to buy your product or service.

Most of us do business the wrong way. We try to put all the risk on the client’s instead of our own. We tell the customer they have to buy our product or service without knowing if it will truly meet their needs. Why should our customers have to risk their money to believe us?

A business owner responsibility is to take on the risk and not the customer.

The way I use the “Giving before you Receive” principle is I offer potential clients a free product or service which helps them to get more clients for their business.

This is a surefire method for quickly gaining new clients and grow your business, leverage on the rule of “Giving before you Receive”. Customer will experience for themselves risk free if your service actually benefits their business.

Use it Yourself

If you are using the product and service that you’re selling, you have a much better chance of figure out little details like issues, features and aberration. Knowing precisely what you’re selling may be the secret piece to closing the deal.

The Right Client

Finding out the right client for your product or service is the key to a successful business. Sometimes, the market you choose is wrong. You need to know what difficulty do they face, or what obstacle are they trying to unfold?

The key is to find a captivated audience and give them what they want. Put some advertisement on social media, and see who likes them, what they comment and how different audiences response to your product or service you have to offer.

Press Releases

When writing Press Releases, be clear and objective, and always pitch from a mindset that will help the readers to learn what you have to offer that will benefits them. If you don’t have the time to write a professional Press Release. We can help.

Engage With Influencer

Give samples of your product or free service. Decision-making can be the key component. You need to engage with iInfluencers because their sentiment and opinion can draws their fans to your product or service. If they like what you’re selling, you have a targeted market to start.

Testing and Testing

We massively rely on testing to guide our product advancement. Instead of guessing over what might work, we run test and let the clients decide what is applicable. Several online tools like Optimizely, Mix Panel and Google Analytics that can help you.

To give an example, recently we wanted the customers to try out the trial of our product. We engaged these method:

  1.  Create a trial button to see how many people click on it.
  2.  A form to collect email of the users information in the trial.

After 3 days we had 20 people opt-in. We continue to assemble information for the free trail. As a result we saw 30% increases in sales.

Any suggestion or strategies? We would like to hear it from you by commenting below.

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