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Why Targeting Long Tail Keywords is the way to go

by Kerria on December 14, 2013

The best way to get on the top of Google is to target long tail keywords because they are much less competitive, more profitable and less risky. And they can bring you exact same and even larger site visitors as short keyword.

Less Competitors

Long-tail keyword searches have less competitors because of their nature; they commonly don’t have a bull’s-eye on them like the heavy-hitting core keywords. Given that there are just 10 seats at Google’s first-page table (less if you count the growing pervasiveness of Google’s 7-result SERPs), the competition for core keywords is fierce.

But as we’ve seen, long-tail keywords typically result in a greater conversion rate. So, I ‘d say that a much better approach than getting ranked number 1 for a tough keyword is to rank number 1 for 100 long-tail keywords. Most of the times, you’ll have happier, higher-converting visitors, a lower bounce rate, and better time-on-page metrics.

Furthermore, at the long-tail keyword level, your competitors are less likely to have professional prowess behind their efforts. Oftentimes, they’ll be placing for these long-tail keywords without even knowing it. Needless to say, this produces opportunity for you to cherry choice these leading spots.

Create Meaningful, Descriptive Page Titles

As long as the page titles check out well and convey suitable and relevant details, they are useful for both individuals and engines. I usually make my page titles about 8 to 13 words, make sure that they review intelligently and seldom ever utilize the same word more than when. Using this method, I have never ever been flagged in Google Web designer Tools for having too long of a title.

Internal Links With Keyword Variations

Consisting of a range of internal site links with different long tail keywords pointing to the page that targets those keywords is good practice. They must be connected from various other pages on your site that relate to those specific long tail keywords.

In Conclusion

These are some of the strategies that can assist you effectively target long tail traffic. Hopefully they offer you with some actionable recommendations that will help you increase the quantity of overall targeted, natural search traffic to your jobs.

Additionally, long tail keywords have much greater conversion rate! If you have any suggestions or better ways of keywords research, we would like to hear from you by commenting below.


Kerria is a content strategy and SEO Consultant with offices in San Francisco, California – where she specializes in technical SEO to Improve search ranking. Kerria has experience in marketing and professional journalism bolstering her 7 years online marketing background.

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